Union County Karate Nationals

The 22nd Union County Karate Nationals was held at Central Academy Gym in Monroe, North Carolina.  This event is sponsored by Kyoshi Corey Waiters. At the beginning of the event Kyoshi Waiters thanked everyone for coming out and showing their support and delivered a prayer.  Sensei Darryl Evans was given the award for most competitors at the event.

The Children’s and Pre-Teen/Teenage under-belt (5-17 years of age in katas (traditional/Open), weapons (Traditional/Open) and sparring) Divisions are always amazing to watch as you will see these competitors show off their newly learned and advanced skills in action.  Their techniques give the spectators an idea of how great learning martial arts can be and with these techniques also comes control as shown when sparring each other.  They also show the great sportsmanship that has been learned from their instructors along with the idea that everyone is a winner no matter what place they finish.  The competition in these division is always very fierce and the first place winners in their respective divisions reached deep down in their determination bags to empress the judges, these winners were: Wyatt Ingram, Roman Mestas, Cayden Mertimore, Payton Ivey, Ashton Ries, Terrany Jeter, Mali Love, Jack Blaney, Deshon Smith, Caleb Roberts, Jesse Roper, Jylen Lightner, Madya Buchanan, Blake Gilmore, Noah Lochart, Gerald Jones, Maddox Love,, Aaron Harris, Zyland Jacobs, Nathan Gentry, Rodney Price,  Josh Perez, Javen Smith, Collin White, Releyus Love, Chloe Hinson, Faith Mortimore, and Sheyla Funderburk.

The Adult under-belt traditional/open weapons/kata forms division competitors showed greater skills and more precise techniques during their competition in their respective divisions with first place winners being: Travis Scipes, JyTavis Bush, Katie Harmon, Robert Marshall Frank James, Tellas Crockett, Joshua Faulkenberry, Fredrick Moore, Devin Beam, Luccenda Harris, Corey DeLapp, Zoe Jenkins, and Albert Tucker  The Jr. and Adult Black Belt divisions which is always worth waiting around for showed more skills and preciseness in every move as they have practiced martial arts for some years and have made it a way of life.   The sparring between these divisions and competitors always leaves the spectators on the edge of their seats and one may find themselves enwrapped in the event itself as if they were the competitor on the floor instead of in the seats.   These magnificent competitors who took first place were: Rickie Maddox, Eddie Harvey, Dale Harvey, Malik Green, Trevon Grasque, Clint Moore, Joey Shifflett, Jimmy Moore, Selena Stover, Nathaniel Walls, Jacob Horton, Ayden Odom, Dev Patel, Timmie Green, and Natalie Allen.  This tournament also offered a Grappling division and one school stood out above the rest (Karate at the Crossroads – Grandmaster Pat McDaniel) his students are worthy opponents for anyone.  The winners were: Maddox Love, Charlie Macon, and Avery Pilkington.

Grand Champions
Jr. Black Belt Kata – Timmie Green                Runner-up – Dev Patel
Jr. Black Belt sparring – Timmie Green
Black Belt Kata – Rickie Maddox
Black Belt 18+ Sparring – Malik Green
Black Belt 35+ Sparring – Jimmy Moore

Kyoshi Corey Waiters, his school, family and staff did a wonderful job. Congratulations to all the competitors and winners in your respective divisions.  We look forward to seeing you at the next tournament on February 23, 2019 for the 39th Annual Mid-Cleveland Karate Championships in Shelby, North Carolina

Next Event: February 23, 2019

Event:39th Annual Mid-Cleveland Karate Championships
Place: Shelby, NC @ Shelby City Park & Rec.
Promoter: Sabumnim Donald McCluney 704-435-1050 or 704-487-1377
Sanction: AAA
E-Mail: dmtkd@bellsouth.net