Mid-Cleveland Karate Championships


The 39th Annual Mid-Cleveland Karate Championships were held at the Shelby City Park and Recreation Center, in Shelby, North Carolina and sponsored by Sabumnim Donald McCluney. Does anyone know how to tell a true martial artist competitor from the rest?  A true martial artist competitor will be at an event no matter the weather – rain, snow, sleet, hail or storms, there is just about nothing that will stop them from coming to a competition event. This year to everyone relief although its rain there was no snow.  This was the first time in almost 6 years that North Carolina had not been hit by snow in January or February and the turnout was enormous.

The event started with Sabumnim Donald McCluney thanking everyone for coming out to support his event which was followed by a prayer by one of his brothers, Pastor Reginald McCluney.  The School recognized for bringing the most students to the event was Danny Antione and Scott Shannon.  First division of the day was Breaking.  There were two divisions with competitors who showed their skills in breaking boards of different sizes and thickness.  The winner of the 11 and under division was Chad Sigmon, the winner of the 12 – 17 division was Jon Byrd.  Congratulations to these winners and to the competitors of those divisions.  What many may not know is that breaking boards, bricks, etc. takes more than just strength, it takes focus and conditioning of the mind and many body parts to accomplish such task without injury to the competitor or by-standers.    As  moved forward first place awards went to the following in their respective divisions (Underbelt 5-17 Traditional, Open and Sparring) went to: Ronin Farmer, Sadie Pickett, Kylie Sumu, Lane Webb, Braeden Johnson, Robert Hubbs IV, Mason Johnson, Faith Gunnell, Ike Sain, Cale Porter, Peyton Ivey, Gabby Pena, Sanaa Denton, Tierrany Jeter, Malachi Hamah, Jack Blaney, Jules Drye, Laney Pena, Kaitlyn Hubbs, Ayden Garrison, Blake Gilmore, Zachary Ramsay, Jasper Ramsey, Mason Johnson, Jack Formato, Isabella Macias, Devin Westbrook, Ike Sain, Kenneth Gaut, Austin Godley, Jayleen Hinton, Seth Duley, Anthony Graham, Ethan Ramsay, Collin White, Releyus Love, Gracie Howard, Brenda Blackmon, and Vivian Bradberry.

The Adult under-belt traditional/open weapons/kata forms division competitors demonstrated their homed in skills with better control and techniques and produced first place winners such as: Arion Mims, Ivan Vargas, Phillip Cornett, Heather Shook, Hannah Storms, Alyssa Hammaker, Stephanie Greene, Camille Sain, Blake Stonely, Christopher Black, Emma Poulin, David Marble, Alyssa Dickson, Frank James and Meredith Rasnake.  The Jr. and Adult Black Belt divisions which is always worth waiting around for showed more skills and preciseness in every move as they have practiced martial arts for some years and have made it a way of life.   The sparring between these divisions and competitors always leaves the spectators on the edge of their seats and one may find themselves enwrapped in the event itself as if they were the competitor on the floor instead of in the seats.   These magnificent competitors who took first place were: Brandon Bryd, Elizabeth Lapp, Jamie Pennington, Torren Davis, Brian Pena, Allison Pena, Vivian Stinson, Ryan Jasey, Daryl Carter, Jeff Dennor, Kahllid Crawford, Jeff Denmark, Johnny Blackmon, Selena Stone, Nathan McAllister, Emma Poulin, Nathaniel Wall, Bobby Burgess, Zoe Jenkins, and Nathaniel Wray.

Grand Champions
Black Belt Kata – Torren Davis                             Runner up – Allison Pena
Black Belt 18+ Sparring – Darryl Carter              Runner up – Torren Davis
Black Belt 35+ Sparring – Jeff Denmark

Sabumnim Donald McCluney, staff, family, student and friends made this event very memorable and fun.  We look forward to seeing you at the next tournament on March 9, 2019 for the:

Event: 45th Universal Martial Arts Championships
Place: Lancaster, SC @ Springdale Rec. Center
Promoter: Hanshi James White 803-286-5155
Sanction: AAA
E-Mail:  hanshi1234@yahoo.com