4th Annual Dojo Classics

The 4th Annual Dojo Classics was held on Saturday, October 20, 2018 at the Bank Street Gym in Fort Mill, South Carolina.  This event was the last event on the Dojo Organization calendar and was a Double Points event that could make a competitor come to the top as a 2018 Top Competitor. The 2018 Dojo Organization Promoters with Coordinators Hanshi James White, Sabumnim Donald McCluney and Kyoshi Corey Waiters sponsored this event. The gym was full of spectators and competitors eager to compete to either increase their points lead or take the lead in points in their respective divisions.

As with all Dojo Organization events this event started with the Children’s Divisions, the 5 – 9 year olds (Traditional/Open and Weapons) and sparring. This being the last event of the year and double points these young martial artists put their all into their performances making it a little difficult for the judges to come up with a winner in each division.  With scores being only 10th of points in difference the following competitors stood out as first place winners Harper Schulte, Wyatt Taube, Megan Blaney, Nathaniel Wall, Ivey Peyton, Mali Love, Maddox Love, Wyatt Ingram, Jack Blaney, Nina Wallace, Javion Lightner, Aardon Harris, Jaylen Lightner, Sincere Holmes, Seth Duley, Joshua Perez, Azariah Ingram, and Aaliyah WrightKatie Harmon gained first place in the Handicapable Division.

Even the older martial artists (10 – 17-year-olds) got into this great competitive spirit showing off their speed and accuracy of punches, strikes and kicks.  In the Sparring and Kata Divisions, the judges did not have the easy task of one competitor standing out above the rest by a wide spread in points and again the points were very close with a few ties.  First place winners in their respective divisions were Seth Steele, Alexis Haley, Mason Allen, Juan Canec, Noel Sanchez, Owyn West, Angel Serrano, Javier Castro, Lily Hutchinson, Marc Lamb, Blake Gilmore, Jules Drye, Tykevioyon Harris, Caitlyn Burry, Jessica Daniel, Lauren Boyd, Alyssa Dickson, Juan Camel, Jordan Boles, Collin White, Alec Moore, Javon Smith, James Neely, Isabella West, and Liberty Emerson.

The Adult under-belts gave performances that received cheers from the spectators and family members as  Hudson Moriningoo, Ty Tabis, Frederick Moore, Frank James, Mandy Flowers, Hudson Morinyo, James Baker, Michael Holmes, Johnathan Nouyen, Robert Marshall, Javeon Grier, Kattie Harmon, Stephanie Green, Jonathan Nguyen, Jessica Daniel, and Lauren Boyd took home first place trophies.  The Jr. Black Belts and Adult Black Belt Divisions also gave the spectators an awesome view of what martial arts can be with continued years of practice and training the following competitors were presented first place in Katas and Sparring to the following: Delmar Minor, Eddie Harvey, Dale Harvey, Rhett Walker, Clint Moore, Johnny Blackmon, Jimmy Moore, and Cassidy Mueller.

All winners received a medal of their accomplished place in their respective divisions and at the end of the day all competitors left with a trophy showing that, the Dojo Organization regards everyone as a true winner. Congratulations to our Grand Champions:
18 and under Under-Belt Kata – Jules Drye                           Runner-up – Noel Zanchez
17 and under Sparring – Javier Castro                                    Runner-up – Angel Serrano
18+ Black Belt Kata – Eddie Harvey
35+ Executive BB Sparring – Jimmy Moore               Runner-up – Clint Moore

Everyone had a great time and looked forward to seeing each other again in January at the Dojo Organization 2018 Awards Banquet.  The Dojo Organization extends their gratitude to the competitors, family members, all spectators and the Certified Black Belts Judges for making this a great and successful year not just for the promoters but also for the competitors who travel to many of these events from great distances to attend these events.  We wish everyone a safe and happy Holiday(s) until we meet again in January 2019.

Next Scheduled Event:

January 12, 2019
The Dojo Organization 2018 Awards Banquet
The Gateway Conference Center
3200 Commerce Dr. C
Richburg, SC 29729

Sponsors: The 2018 Dojo Organization Promoters
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