The Dojo Banquet

The Annual Dojo Organization Banquet was held on January 12, 2019 at the Gateway Conference Center in Richburg, South Carolina. Sponsored by the 2018 Dojo Organization Promoters this event acknowledge the Top Competitors, Runner-ups and those who had achieved other outstanding awards and recognizations. The banquet began with Professor Pat McDaniel and Kyoshi Corey Waiters greeting everyone and thanking them for coming out to honor eveyone and their accomplishments during the 2017 year. They also thanked everyone for supporting the Dojo Organizaiton, its promoters and competitors and asked for continued support into the coming year of 2019. Everyone had time to mangle, meet again with friends they had not seen since the last Dojo Organization event (in October at the Dojo Classics), catch up on the martial arts news aboard and talked about the upcoming year's events. .

Dr. Wendell Goins was the guest speaker and spoke on "Mind, Body and Spirit" and how as we practice martial arts these things become a part of our everyday lives. Dr. Goins also presented a slide show of the various martial arts masters and how even in some of today's wonders of the world the art of martial arts can be seen in it's ancient form through landscape, arts (paintings, scrupltures) and teachings. Toby Willis also spoke of his trails coming up from birth with disabilities which he overcame by practicing martial arts which not only strengthen his mind and body but also his spirit into becoming a more productive individual in life with skills and techniques that will last and carry him throughout his life into adulthood and the world. Grandmaster Wayne Lewis also spoke on the length of time the Dojo Organization has been in exisistence (being one of the oldest organizations on the East Coast), how far the organization has come, and what the future will be bringing to the organization.

Dinner was served by Mulley's, Lancaster, SC with a good home-cooked meal. Entertainment throughout the evening was a slide show of photos taken throughout the 2018 year and put to instrumental music consisting of various styles. Before the start of the meal prayer was given by Sabumnim Donald McCluney. After dinner President Kyoshi Waiters and Hanshi James White gave recognition to all the promoters who in turned spoke of their upcoming events with dates, times and locations. Awards were presented to those Black Belt's who compelted the Black Belt Judge's Certification course and to all the official Black Belt Judges for appreciation of their dedication of judging the competitors throughout the year at all the tournaments. The 2018 Top Competitors and Runner-ups were presented with their plaques, their achievements were announced as they came forth to receive their plaques and take pictures with the promoters. The Dojo Organization also presented each 2018 Promoter with a Distinguished School award. Kyoshi Corey Waiters presented the 2019 Dojo Organization Schedule as each promoter stood and announced when and where their tournament would be for the year 2019. The banquet ended with pictures taken of the 2018 Dojo Organization Top Competitors and the 2019 Dojo Organization Promoters.



Kyoshi Corey Waiters, Waiters Martial Arts Academy, Monroe, NC;
Sabumnim Donald McCluney, McCluney's School of Tae Kwon Do, Shelby, NC;
Hanshi James E. White, Universal Karate Studios, Lancaster, SC;
Sabumnim Charles Burris, Burris Academy of Karate & Tae Kwon Do, Gastonia, NC;
Sensei Darryl Evans, Martial Arts and Fitness, Rock Hill, SC; 
Professor Pat McDaniel, Karate at the Crossroads, Midlands, NC,
Professor Steve L. Dirton, Steve Dirton's Kajukembo Martial Arts Academy, Greenville, SC 
and Grandmaster Rickie Maddox, Rickie Maddox School of Pon-Do-Kwan Martial Arts, Hickory, NC

Remember to mark your calendars as the Dojo Organization's year starts off with Kyoshi Corey Waiters' event on Saturday, February 9, 2018 "22nd Annual Union County Karate Nationals

at Central Adacemy School Gym, Monroe, NC.

Kyoshi Corey Waiters can be reached by telephone at 843-672-5125 or 803-289-9554 or by Email at